I’m Looking for Guest Bloggers!

The first year of oneyearonehundredbooks was a wonderful success, and I continue to be really touched (and a little surprised) by the supportive feedback I’ve received from people who also love books and reading. For its second year, I want to expand oneyearonehundredbooks and set new challenges. The primary goal of reading and reviewing one hundred books over the year will of course remain, but I’m looking to include ideas and opinions other than my own!

Which means I need guest bloggers! Do you love reading and are interested in sharing your ideas and opinions with a small but growing audience? I’m looking for people who are truly passionate about sharing their love of books and can commit to writing at least one post a month. Each review can be as long or short as you like, though the ideal length would between 300-600 words. Do you have your own website? Let’s team up and share new thoughts and ideas about the wonderful world of books!

I am looking for reviews on books of all shapes and sizes. I tend to lean heavily towards science fiction, fantasy, and horror and would love begin including reviews for other genres, such as children’s literature or nonfiction. I also really enjoy the book-vs-film comparisons I write once in awhile, so things like that would definitely be welcome! Even if the books you are writing are ones that I have already read for oneyearonehundredbooks, I would love to see how are thoughts compare! Basically, anything is welcome except cookbooks and porn!

So if you are interested, let me know! Leave a comment on this post, email me at oneyearonehundredbooks@gmail.com, PM me on Facebook, or tag me on Twitter at @ashleyvschlueter.

I’m so excited about the possibility of growing and expanding this site over the coming year. Let’s see what adventures are in store for oneyearonehundredbooks!

Happy reading everyone!



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