Rescue Cat Wednesday! 10-04-19

While reading is my oldest love, I am also very passionate about animals. I volunteer twice a week with a wonderful Toronto-based charity called Action Volunteers for Animals. They rescue homeless cats from all around Ontario, as well as run Trap-Neuter-Release programs to help control the population of homeless cats. Every week, I plan to post pictures of some of the delightful kitties currently staying with us at the local adoption facility.

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting a rescue cat, you can find out more at


There are so many new cats in the kiosk this week, and they are all looking for their new forever homes!




Dizzy is a two year old long-haired female. She is very nervous in the shelter, and but is slowly becoming braver. Dizzy is still getting used to people, and the volunteers have been working to socialize her using gentle words, treats, and lots of patience! She would do well in a house with a cat friend to help her adjust to her new home.

Chet is a stunning flame-point Siamese mix. He has the most beautiful blue eyes which are slightly crossed, a signature of Siamese cats. Chet enjoys feline companionship, and would do best in a home with a cat friend.



Filemon and Pisho are one-year old males. Filemon has the darker face, and is the braver of the two. Pisho has more white on his face and has been a bit hesitant to come out and explore with his brother. He is still a sweet, gentle cat who likes to be petted around the ears. These two brothers are not bonded, and can be adopted individually or as a pair.



I’ve been volunteering with AVA for over a year, and this is the first all-white cat I’ve seen in the shelter. Samson is a sweet, gentle seven year old male. He is grouchy in the kiosk, but still enjoys being scratched and petted. Samson likes to have all the attention to himself, and would do best as the only cat in the house.



Last but not least, Boujie is a beautiful orange and white male, with one of the sweetest faces! He is still learning the rules for live indoors; he loves to be petted and scratched but can also become easily startled. He loves exploring every inch of the shelter, even the places he’s not supposed to be!

You can see more photos of our wonderful rescue cats, learn more about AVA, and become involved as a volunteer by visiting