Rescue Cat Wednesday! 13/02/19


While reading is my oldest love, I am also very passionate about animals. I volunteer twice a week with a wonderful Toronto-based charity called Action Volunteers for Animals. They rescue homeless cats from all around Ontario, as well as run Trap-Neuter-Release programs to help control the population of homeless cats. Every week, I plan to post pictures of some of the delightful kitties currently staying with us at the local adoption facility.

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting a rescue cat, you can find out more at


Pretty Tabitha and sweet Georgiana were adopted together to a forever home this week!



Jazz and Tuxie are definitely not shy anymore, and have made it their mission to inspect every corner of the adoption kiosk. Jazz is quite the little acrobat; I had to scoop her out of the back cupboards the other day! These two are great friends and must be adopted together!



This big boy is Manny. He is an incredibly affectionate four-year old. Manny spent most of his life as a tom, and doesn’t do great with other animals. He is a total lap cat, and would be great as the only pet in a household!



You can see more photos of our wonderful rescue cats, learn more about AVA, and become involved as a volunteer by visiting


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